Club Rules


Waddington Village Club is registered under the Friendly Societies act. As a friendly club we like to keep our members and visitors happy, so providing everyone follows our basic rules, we should be able to maintain our village club atmosphere.

The cost of club membership is kept low to encourage regular visitors to join. The membership period for ordinary members is 12 months. We expect visitors to become members after their third visit. Ask at the bar for a membership application.

The facilities:

All members are entitled to discounted drinks at the main bar on production of a valid membership card. To allow speedy service, the bar area should be kept clear once you have been served.

We are family friendly, and children are welcome in the club but please remember, the club is a busy environment serving alcohol so children must remain with their family group and not be allowed to roam around the club or be left unsupervised.

The Pool table is of match quality so we need to look after it and although it can be used by children they must be closely supervised. The Snooker table is not to be used by children at any time. Junior members of a registered snooker team are allowed to use the snooker table.

During Snooker or Pool match nights we would prefer children to remain out of the games room.

When there is a private function being held, please respect their privacy and remain out of the function room if possible.

The Bowling Green can be used by anyone except when there is a Bowling match. If you want to use the green, please ask one of the regular bowlers for permission and advice before using the green.

The function room can be booked by anyone – members who have been with the club for 12 months or more can book the function room for FREE. For non-members there is a small charge. Please use the BOOKING FORM to make your enquiry.


As a family club we operate a zero-tolerance policy to illegal drug use from members and their guests when on our premises. We have a clear responsibility to ensure that all members, young and old are not exposed to illegal behaviour on the club premises or when representing our club. Any member or guest suspected of possessing and/or using illegal drugs on the premises can expect to receive a high level of sanction which may include permanent expulsion from the club membership and or suspension from using the facilities. The police will be informed if appropriate.

Normal licensing rules apply regarding sale of alcohol.

Foul or abusive language, violent, aggressive, threatening, or offensive behaviour including excessive drunkenness will not be tolerated and will potentially result in disciplinary action being taken.

Please treat all club furniture, equipment, and fittings with care.  Do not place feet on furniture or let children use the club like a playroom.

Be courteous and considerate to other club users and the bar staff.  Please help our bar staff by returning empty glasses to the bar if you are outside.

When leaving the club, we ask you to do so quietly and respect our neighbours. The club needs to maintain good relationships with or local residents. We will regard any disturbance involving members or guests in the vicinity of the club as taking place on club premises.  Disciplinary action will be taken against any offender.


All visitors to the club should acquaint themselves with the location of emergency exits and should vacate the building immediately should the emergency alarm sound.