About the Club

Opening hours:
Weekdays 7pm to 11pm

Friday 6.00pm to 11pm

Saturday 3pm to 12pm

Sundays 2pm to 8pm

Sky Sports and BT live on the BIG screen (and in the games room).

The Club is situated in the heart of the village of Waddington, Lancashire Waddington Village Club began life as the village reading room. It was opened in 1926 to replace an existing reading room, which had become too small for the expanding village. Over the years a bowling green was added to the facility followed by an extension to the original building to accommodate a snooker/games room. The club is a member of ‘The Friendly Society’ it is run by a committee of volunteers, elected annually by the members it is a non-profit making organisation, run for the benefit of its members and the various village organisations using the facility.
Regular users include: St. Helens Church, Waddington WI, Friends of Waddington school, Waddington Football Club, Young Farmers, Coronation Garden Committee, Royal British Legion, Waddington Pool, Snooker and Bowling Teams, Clitheroe Motor Club, Clitheroe History Society.
The club function room is available to hire to both members and non-members please feel free to ask..